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Ennis House
Ennis, Montana House Rental

Last year, I achieved my goal of visiting every state in America. Listed are some of the more noteworthy adventures:

If anyone has questions about any of these sites, feel free to contact me.

  1. Rafting on the Mendenhall River below the ice fields of Mendenhall Glacier Juneau, Alaska
    Mendenhall River Rafting Trip
    Mendenhall River Rafting Trip Below the Mendenhall Ice Fields near Juneau, Alaska

  2. Fly fishing float trip on the San Juan River in New Mexico and a stay at Soaring Eagle Lodge
  3. Invited guest of the Director of Donor Services (American Battle Monuments Commission) at the Groundbreaking and Dedication Ceremonies for the National WWll Memorial in Washington, D.C. after creating artwork for the organization
    Bob Dole and Friends at the National WWII Memorial
    Senator Bob Dole with officials at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the National WWll Ceremony

  4. "Got my Kicks on Route 66"...from Amarillo, Texas to Santa Monica, California with my daughter, high school friend and another friend — the same Route my parents drove during WWll. Drove the Kansas segment several years later with my husband. Story I wrote, the online Route 66 Road Trip, is posted on my Gatekeepers of History site, where I write stories about certain people I have met during my travels
    Longhorn Limo Steer Horns
    Longhorn Limo ride to Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas—compliments of owner, Bobby Lee

    In Seligman, Arizona
    Standing next to one of the antique cars that line Route 66 in Seligman, Arizon

  5. Breakfast with cowboys in the Sonoran Desert
  6. Stayed at two historic dude ranches...Kay El Bar Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona and Lazy E L Ranch in Roscoe, Montana (Stayed in the Charles Russell Cabin)
    Lazy E L Ranch In Roscoe Montana Stayed in the Charles Russell Cabin
    Lazy E L Ranch in Roscoe, Montana

  7. Climbed Beech Cliff Loop in Acadia National Park Mount Desert Island, Maine and Prouts Neck Cliff Walk in Scarborough, Maine
  8. Cobb's Pierce Pond Camps in Western Central Maine — one of America's last remaining old time fishing camps-electricity by generator only. Camped overnight on a remote island on the 8 mile-long pond with its eerie silence, punctuated only by the sounds of loons and coyotes
    Canoe On Island Pierce Pond
  9. Tu Tu Tu Lodge
    Gold Beach, Oregon
    Gold Beach, Oregon
  10. Moss-Squatch in Quinault Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington
    Moss-Squatch in Quinault Rainforest
  11. Encountered a sandstorm when driving from Utah into New Mexico
  12. Went on an air boat and a swamp buggy in the Everglades, Florida
    Carol On Swamp Buggy
  13. Flew in a float plane over the Maine Wilderness
    Float Plane
  14. Stayed in an eco-tent at Maho Bay, St. John's, Virgin Islands. Built on the side of a mountain, the conservation-minded tent community was on boardwalks
  15. Took the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad into the San Juan National Forest to Tall Timber Resort, accessible only by the train or helicopter. The sounds of the steam train coming up the mountain several times a day and the bugling elk defined this experience
    Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
  16. Heart-to-heart talks with people from different cultures along Route 66 about why they have chosen to live and work on the Mother Road
    Bar-T-5 Stagecoach Ride
    Carol and Carlos Quiroz at Beck Boots, Custom Cowboy Boot Company in Amarillo, Texas

  17. Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Journey and Cookout through Cache Creek Canyon, outside Jackson, Wyoming
    Bar-T-5 Stagecoach Ride
    Covered Wagon Ride Through Cache Canyon and Cookout/Entertainment by Bar t 5 Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming
    Covered Wagon Ride Through Cache Canyon and Cookout/Entertainment by Bar T 5 Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming

  18. Hot air balloon ride over the Snake River near the Grand Tetons outside Jackson, Wyoming
    Hot Air Balloon
  19. Visit with musician Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones) and his wife, Rose Lane, at their Charlane Plantation in Dry Branch, Georgia
    ...Also at the Plantation — Sipped moonshine with a former roadie working there who was with the band, Deep Purple, and learned about life on the open road with a major rock band
    Chuck Leavell
  20. Launched my Preserve America-related satirical humor book, Daisy's Reality Show Adventure, at Pink's Hot Dog Stand in Hollywood, California
    Pinks Hot Dogs Carol And Gloria At Pinks Hot Dogs
  21. Haircut by the famous Angel Delgadillo, "The Angel of Route 66,"
    Seligman, Arizona
    Adventure 3
  22. Attended mule riding class with wranglers for riders going down on Bright Angel Trail into the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I climbed down to a protruding rock and had a photo shoot of the riders, but did not ride
    Sunrise Tour Grand Canyon
  23. Stayed at The Howlers Bed and Breakfast Inn in Bozeman, Montana, which is also a wolf sanctuary. Had an eye-to-eye encounter with one of the wolves
  24. Mt. Washington Auto Road and Mt. Washington Cog Railway New Hampshire
    Mt Washington Auto Road and Mt Washington Cog Railway
  25. The Californian, Amtrak zephyr train experience with husband, Rick, from Chicago to Emeryville (outside San Francisco.) It traveled across the Rockies and Sierra Nevada with views of the Mississippi River and Donnor Lake
    The Californian Amtrak zephyr train
  26. Carol sketching, from atop a Cherry Picker, a scene from The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona
    Carol Sketching, from atop a Cherry Picker The Phoenician Resort In Scottsdale, Arizona
  27. A wild off-road ride into the Cherokee National Park at Horse Creek, Tennessee in an old purple pick-up truck named Festus
    Adventure 3
  28. In costume at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, Louisiana
    Carol In Costume At Mardi Gras World
    Carol in Costume at Mardi Gras World New Orleans, Louisiana

  29. Painting in Sycamore Studio
    Painting In Sycamore
  30. In Route 66 road trip biker garb
    Carol in Route 66 Road Trip Biker Garb
  31. Spent a day on Lake Powell in Arizona on a luxury houseboat and afterwards, a speed boat ride through Levitation Canyon at sunset
    House Boat
    Carol in Route 66 Road Trip Biker Garb
    Ready to go onboard a houseboat Lake Powell, Arizona

  32. Many lodging experiences, from The Wigwam Motel on Route 66 in San Bernardino, California to a stay in the Royal Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City
    Wigwam Motel
    Carol at the entrance of the Wigwam Motel
  33. Walked through Thurston Lava Tube in Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii — Emerging into a fern-laden rainforest
  34. Guest artist at the United States Coast Guard South Portland, Maine Station. Carol and her husband, Rick, stayed in the barracks. A mock Search and Rescue was set up for them when they were in the utility boat. Also toured a buoy tender and Coast Guard Cutter
    Guest artist at the United States Coast Guard South Portland, Maine Station
  35. Carol and her husband were the Grand Marshals in one of their town's traditional Fourth of July Parades. Carol was also honored with a float created in her name another year, when she was the Executive Director of Connecticut's first TV commercials for tourism
  36. Wild Burros on Main Street (Route 66) Oatman, Arizona
    Oatman_Busy Street With Burros Oatman Carol With Baby Burro
  37. Peabody Hotel Ducks and visit with the Duckmaster in Memphis, Tennessee
    Peabody Hotel Ducks and visit with the Duckmaster
  38. Sun Studio Tour - Private tour by the owner and sang, using Elvis Presley's microphone in Memphis, Tennessee
  39. Ten Thousand Waves — Japanese spa experience in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Ten Thusand Waves
  40. Heartbreak Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee. One of the last guests to stay at this historic hotel before being torn down in advance of the opening of a new Hotel across the street. Was given the Graceland Suite. Also visited Graceland
  41. In studio audience of TNN (The Nashville Network) in Nashville, Tennessee
  42. Private dinner with an Amish family on their farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  43. A steep hike from Deadwood, South Dakota to Boot Hill (St. Moriah Cemetery) to visit the burial site of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock, and other notable figures of the Wild West
  44. A private tour of the secret wine cellar at '21' Club, the historic Prohibition speakeasy. Three Wallace originals hang on the walls of the iconic restaurant
  45. Visit to the White House at the invitation of First Lady Laura Bush
  46. Invited guest with husband and daughter (basketball recruit) to tour West Point, attended the West Point-Air Force Football game, and dined with a Major General at Hotel Thayer
  47. Private lunch and tour with Collette Guste, the granddaughter of the founder of Antoine's in New Orleans (Antoine Alciatore), the oldest family owned restaurant in the country, serving traditional French Creole cuisine since 1840
  48. Was a passenger on several Harley Davidson motorcycles
  49. Joined a trucker in his 18-wheeler on a drive to learn about his cross-country adventures
  50. "Old time photo sessions" in South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and Florida
    Old Time Photo Sessions
    The Route 66 Travelers at Old Tyme Photos in Tucumcari, New Mexico

  51. Regional culinary adventures at hundreds of historic establishments around the country from Joe's Stone Crab in Miami and Union Oyster House in Boston to Mama Mango's in the Florida Keys and the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo
    Big Texan
    The Route 66 Travelers in the Beer Garden of the Big Texan Steak Ranch with owner Bobby Lee, in Amarillo, Texas

  52. Chosen 'musician' to play seal horns on stage at Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Emporium in Orlando, Florida
  53. Deep sea fishing for bluefish on the historic boat, The Mijoy, in Waterford, Connecticut
  54. Taught watercolor painting on the cruise ship, Holland America, from San Diego, California to Hawaii
  55. A day out with Captain Clive Ferrin, Lobster Fisherman from Boothbay Harbor, Maine
    Captain Clive Ferrin Sea
  56. When writing the story about Roger Brashears, Storyteller, Official Historian, Spokesman, Publicist, Promotion Director, and Director of Public Relations for Jack Daniel Distillery (Lynchburg, Tennessee) on my Preserve America Gatekeepers of History site, he called often with many of his fondest stories
  57. A private tour, by the General Manager, to the Ballot Room of The Balsams Grand Resort, Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Since 1960, all of Dixville Notch's registered voters have gathered at midnight in the Ballot Room at the Resort to cast their ballots in the presidential primary and general election. The polls are closed as soon as everyone has voted, which sometimes only takes one minute. Since New Hampshire has the first in the nation primary, Dixville Notch is often the first to report results
  58. Cross country skiing between historic inns in Vermont
  59. One year project...Country Stores of Vermont. Thirty country stores were featured on a two-sided 2' x 3' poster. Art was on the front and testimonials from the storekeepers and histories of the stores on the back. A collaboration between the storekeepers, Carol and a writer, the posters were launched and presented to the people of America on the steps of one of the featured stores by then-Governor Howard Dean. The #1 Artist Proof was given to the Governor to place in the State House and posters were placed in every public and private school library in Vermont. The prints, distributed to each of the storekeepers, were loaded in the back of a station wagon and given personally (the old fashioned way). An art show, "Flatlanders in Vermont," held at one of the artist's galleries in Connecticut, featured the originals
  60. Back Road Traveler: Spent eight years traveling the back roads of Litchfield County, Connecticut, creating pen and ink drawings of historic structures and landscapes that were featured in a national award-winning weekly newspaper, The Litchfield County Times
  61. Climbed the lighthouse at St. Simon's Island, Georgia, with the curator
  62. As is tradition, Carol and her Route 66 co-travelers sat on the metal chairs under the neon at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico, 'talking about life'
    Blue Swallow Motel
  63. Sitting on one of the many benches lining Main Street in Mountain View, Arkansas, listening to foot-stomping music played on the steps of Town Hall on the Green by musicians. A near every-day occurance, the town is known as the Folk Music Capital Of the World
    Acrol and Arkansas Musician
  64. Windjammer cruise on the historic sailboat, Appledore, in Camden, Maine
  65. Frequent visitor to the iconic Willow Grove Park in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) in the 1950s and 1960s. One of the biggest attractions in the park was the music pavilion, at which John Philip Sousa and his band played every year but one, between 1901 and 1926. The park's slogan was "Life is a lark at Willow Grove Park"
  66. In the Mojave Desert, Arizona, on Route 66
    Adventure 7
  67. In the Lucille Ball Room, Silver Saddle Motel, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Many Route 66 Hotels and Motels have rooms named for actors and actresses as many movies, featuring these stars, were filmed on Route 66 and elsewhere in the West)
    Adventure 7
  68. Off-Road Adventure in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
    Off-Road Adventure
  69. Standin’ On The Corner In Winslow, Arizona...Route 66
    Winslow Arizona
  70. Luau and Drums Of The Pacific performance in Maui, Hawaii
  71. Pashmina scarf line created by designer Pam Kubbins, owner of Pam's Pashminas, a Boston Company, based on Carol's watercolor, Wild Roses
    Carol wearing the scarf based on her painting
    Carol and owner/designer Pam Kubbins of Pam's Pashminas at a trade show.

  72. Carol enjoying a giant pretzel
    Enjoying a giant pretzel while negotiating a licensing deal with Pam Kubbins for the scarf line at The Prince and The Pauper German Restaurant, Springfield, Massachusetts

  73. As a Justice of the Peace, Carol has performed weddings at historic sites in Connecticut
    Adventure 7
  74. SELECTED PLEIN AIRE PAINTING EXPERIENCES: - Commission of a client's covered bridge before having to escape being 'eaten alive' by mosquitos - Doing a painting on an easel at a farm when one of the cows approached and began eating my paper. She would not leave--(Guess she didn't like the work) - While working on a commission of a waterscape of Pierce Pond, Maine in a canoe, for the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust, I had an authentic watercolor experience as my husband thrashed his fly-fishing rod back and forth, bringing me a constant supply of water on my paper - And when, on a Maine Beach finishing a painting, the wind propelled the paper into the water and eventually it was delivered back by the crashing surf...completely intact

Better Yet Connecticut TV Ad Campaign Photographs

Carol was the Executive Director of Connecticut's first major tourism campaign

Quote From John Carson, Director of Economic Development, State of Connecticut: "The commercials cost $27,000 to produce (which was paid by banks and six of the State's thirteen regional tourist councils), but estimate that if the worth of the stars' performances were included, the cost would run to nearly $3 million. Everything was donated. This is a preview, not just of the commercials, but also of Connecticut's decision to promote tourism on a national level. The TV ads are Connecticut's first major TV ad campaign for tourism and the production effort was the only privately funded project of its kind in the country."